Dearest mother and father it is with great shame that I regretfully confess to my involvement of the inexcusable

2011-06-28 05:34:05 by jojo22

unconciousable, reprehensible, abhorrent, detrimental, detestable, immoral, thoughtless, HURTFUL, Oh, what have we done?!
~doudle D on ed,edd n eddy big picture show.

a horrible thing happend. i have three working computers and the one that had the web site has been hardly affected by a small virus that, i am not lying, deleted my .html file. fortunally i had a copy of it when my grandiose project has 5/8's away from completion. i am asking a few months to complete it.

post scriptum: to you have a idea of what the file was i can tell you that he had 10 gb, a google search engine, a back ground made by me, a rolling sign and i was going to put a cursor with a little picture ; a icon ,if you preffer;, a series of gagets and games , a download .zip file with vbs files AND nothing more. stay tuned!


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